Saturday, November 14, 2015


Le Tricolore in lights all over the world

I don't know why I'm amazed, but the outpouring of sympathy for the atrocities done in Paris is world-wide. Being on the other side of 'the pond', I think I realize how the world must have felt when we Americans had our 9/11 - our Nine Eleven. (And the coincidence still strikes me that the 9/11 is the same set of numbers we use for our emergency calls: 9-1-1, nine-one-one. Do you think that was deliberate? I never read of any speculation on that.)

You have to realize how powerful communications, especially world-wide personal communications, are today. Years ago, had such a thing happened, we'd have said something like "Oh, that's too bad!" Today we're all involved. We're all connected. In the middle of the night it struck me that the children of of one of my favorite bloggers live in Paris, and I hoped that young son and daughter hadn't been attracted to that concert. Turns out they were both away from the city, but the blogger, one Corey Amaro, was herself in Paris with a good friend and fellow blogger. They were dining in a restaurant just three minutes from one of the attacks. First thing this morning I went on line to see if she had posted. I was almost in tears when I read that all of them were safe. Whew! People I've never even met, but people about whom I read every day, people I feel I know, people I don't want to lose. I know a lot of Corey's blog readers felt the same - the list of comments was as long as a roll of papier toilette.

All I have to say about and to the ISIS jihadists is "Allah would be ashamed of you!"

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