Friday, May 29, 2015


This is not a picture of one of my egg salad sandwiches:
I eat them before I ever remember to take a picture.

May, according to the various and sundry lists I consult, is National Egg Month. It is also, among other things, National Salad Month. As one wag I know asked: “is it also National Egg Salad Month?” Why not? 

I do love egg salad. It’s part of my repertoire of comfort food. My mom made the best egg salad. My favorite is an egg salad sandwich on my own white bread. The egg salad needs just a bit of celery for crunch, then I add sliced tomatoes, a bit of salt, a leaf or two of ice berg lettuce, and voila: a mooshy, mushy sandwich that tastes divine. Some of the sandwich always winds up falling on the plate, so I always have a fork handy.

Basic egg salad is just cross-cut eggs, mayonnaise, and pepper. The mayo is salty enough. Interesting additions are celery, onions, chives, scallions, pimentos, ham, bacon, what else? Always diced or sliced nice and small. You can get really esoteric and begin to add things like mustard and capers, but the simple additions do it for me.

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