Friday, September 19, 2014


Scrounging around for some quick blog posts for September, I looked at my old list of Commemorative Months. Where half of these commemorations come from I couldn’t begin to guess.  Topping the alphabetical list of commemorations are “All American Breakfast Month” and “better Breakfast Month” The former, I would guess, was started by the breakfast cereal industry, and the latter by the health nuts.

Breakfast at our house is according to a usually etched-in-stone menu:
Monday – cereal and banana (Minions welcome!)
Tuesday – oatmeal with prunes or raisins
Wednesday – an egg, usually soft boiled but often scrambled, and toast
Thursday – cereal and banana again (I hope the Minions stick around!)
Friday – that oatmeal again
Saturday – sweet indulgence: Waffles, pancakes or French toast
Sunday – “Heart Attack on a Plate” – two eggs, bacon, home fries, English
          Muffins or toast, and whatever else is not nailed down

All this served with coffee, and orange juice and vitamin pills – of course!

I must tell you that this menu was not devised by me. No, my husband is the perpetrator. Rarely, and usually only if we’re traveling, does he deviate from this norm. Me? I deviate. That oatmeal got stale years ago, so it's toast for me. On cereal days I’ve now come to have just the banana. (Did I tell you I love Minions?)  Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays I go with the flow – but I make only a single portion of those home fries. As I’ve gotten older they’ve become too much for me at one sitting, and sometimes they give me the “burpies and chirpies”. 
Over the years, Frank’s doctors have been amazed that he sticks to his regimen. They want to know if it’s boring. Boring? To him, boring is the same thing day in and day out – like a friend of ours who has a cup of yoghurt and a piece of toast each morning. That’s boring.

So, commemoratively speaking, a week of breakfasts at our house pays homage both to the “All American Breakfast” and the “Better Breakfast”. None of it could hurt, right? Of course right!

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