Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Well, that taste is fleeting too. For example, years ago a woman wouldn’t be caught dead out shopping in jeans, much less deliberately torn ones.  The taste of this topic is the physical sense of taste.  As with the experiences of the other senses – sight, hearing, touch, even smell – there is a long term memory of taste. But unlike the others, taste mostly happens only while we have things in our mouths, take a bite of something different, or rinse our mouths.

I have just as strong a sense of taste and love of good tastes as I have for beautiful sights and wonderful music, marvelous fabrics and evocative scents. So that is my excuse reason for the extra pound or two I added on to my appreciative self yesterday. I cooked up a large pot of Stilton soup. Hoo boy it was deee-licious!  I had to keep taking tastes – just to be sure it didn’t need more salt, you know (wink, wink) – and then I gave us generous portions for supper.  After portioning out the rest to two freezer containers, I’ve got come left over for lunch. It’s hours away – I can ‘taste’ it already!

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