Thursday, April 3, 2014


“I’m in love with a big blue frog, a big blue frog loves me” - Ah, yes, I hear them in my mind’s ear: Peter, Paul and Mary singing about that big blue frog. Even the Muppets got in on the act. Of course that was inevitable: the most famous frog in the world is a Muppet. It ain’t easy bein’ green. Perhaps that’s why Kermit was sometimes blue. But I digress.     
April, as all of you should know, is National Frog Month. This link speaks for itself:  I took the test – I’m not a frog, alas in the grass (no, that was pigeons!)  But I can appreciate frogs no end.   As an indicator species on our planet their recent disappearance is alarming. They range in size from one no bigger than a housefly to those huge cane toads plaguing and unfortunately not disappearing in Australia. Yes, all toads are frogs but not all frogs are toads, so let’s not split hairs – of which they have none, unless you count the hairy frog whose hair isn’t hair at all. But I digress yet again!
Frogs are associated with witchcraft, with longevity, with fertility (just think of all those tadpoles) and, of course, with enchantment. They’ll even levitate in a magnetic field. Kids love them, ladies collect them in their various ceramic or metallic guises, and the chocolate variety at Hogwarts is toot sweet.
Boop! Boop!
Enough of this silliness. Go out and find a frog to kiss today.

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