Thursday, November 1, 2012


Oh, aaarg!  This morning I was folding wash from the dryer and what did I find that had been through the whole cycle? My good, black, cashmere-lined, 4-button Fownes gloves!  Aaarg!  I know the glove fell into the laundry basket from a shelf where I had placed them temporarily, but why didn’t I notice this before I threw the whole mess in the washer? Yes, I know I can get a new pair, but these were my Mother’s.  It’s the sentiment attached, doncha know. 

Looking for another pair to put in the pockets of my black winter jacket, (It was 35° when I got up this morning) I mooched around in the box where I keep odd, miscellaneous scarves, gloves and little purses. I don’t have a great collection of any of these items and rarely use them, but as the say: “One never knows.”  There – ah the memories! – I found my pair of white kid gloves. They are so lovely I’m ready to meet royalty.  Back in the sixties I was asked to be in my friend Lolly’s wedding.  Her wonderful mom – one of my former Girl Scout leaders – was a stickler for manners and etiquette. Everyone in the wedding party was expected to wear gloves – yes, the men too. I remember the men had on grey gloves – were they cotton? – but she bought all of us girls white kid gloves. I don’t remember if I ever wore them again, though I must have over these last 47 years, but I keep them “among my souvenirs.”

So, needless to say, I trotted out my album to look at the picture of us gals. I scanned it in for posterity, and safer keeping.  That’s me, the chubbiest one, in the picture below – and you can just see my pair of white kid gloves.



  1. I hate when a wash mishap occurs. A pen, gum... I ruined a whole load more than once. I check pockets now, but it's hard to prevent something from sneaking in. What a great photo! I have several pair of gloves from that era.

  2. What a stroll down memory lane that photo is. I had forgotten how pointy bras were in those days; Jeeze Louise, those things could probably have cut glass! As the saying goes, we've "come a long way, baby...."

    I think your long hair is lovely, Lee. It's a beautiful picture - and it's always such a pleasure for me to see pics of my dear friend taken long before we ever knew each other.

    Thanks for the memories....